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Whati is Canada Post Envelope Standard Mail?

--This is the same postal method as we usually receive paper letters, suitable for small      produts. When choosing this service, please ensure that your address has been              receiving  mail in the past. It is suitable for customers who do not require very  fast         logistics speed,  and  have a fixed address and purchase small items. 

What kind of product eliglble for Canada Post Envelope Standard Mail ?

--Thoes products no more than 450g, (if more thn 450g you need to divided into 2 orders) and at the same time meet the minimum side thickness not more than 2CM.

(thess   product also remarks in the  product description,and under this collection list)


What is the rate of Canada Post Envelope Standard Mail?

--For address in CANADA :

0-100g : 2CAD

101-200g :3CAD 

201-450: 4CAD

--For address in USA

0-100g : 3CAD

101-200g :5CAD

201-450: 10CAD


0-50g : 4CAD

51-100g :6CAD

More than 100g PLS idvided into more orders or choose other shipment option


How long I can receive it ?

In CANADA : 2-5 business days(In remote areas, it may take longer than the estimated time)

in USA : 6-7 business days (In remote areas, it may take longer than the estimated time)

Oust side CANADA & USA 10-20business days

 Do I have a minimum order amount requirement?
Yes, the order for one address meets at least CAD9.99,
Then We will prepare and ship for you.

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